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Be Vigilant: Beehive eAlerts Can Help

March 20, 2019Newsletter

Our world today often feels like it is at our fingertips. We can shop for groceries, apply for a credit card, buy a car, and check in on our friends without even leaving our homes! All of this accessibility can sometimes give us a false sense of security and complacency. For example, did you know that you only have 45 days to report fraudulent card transactions to Beehive? One of the best defenses against fraud and account takeover is frequent and detailed review of one’s accounts. Quick, timely reporting of incorrect charges greatly increases the efficiency and speed of the solution. As the saying goes, “The sooner the better”! If you are finding the thought of checking your account more frequently as a challenge, then I recommend you looking into setting up eAlerts on our Online Banking. Once logged in, you simply go to the menu and find “eAlerts” under the Services heading. You can create and customize multiple eAlerts that can let you know when a deposit, withdrawal, loan payment, balance has occurred or is above/below a certain threshold that you set yourself. Easy to use and manage, eAlerts can help you with staying on top of your finances. So be vigilant and never hesitate to reach out to Beehive if you have any questions or concerns about transactions on your account.