• Happy dog and cat

    Pet Adoption Day

    June 14, 12-4pm Beehive West Branch (1087 Erickson Drive) Donations Accepted May 14 – June 14 Will it cost anything to adopt a pet? Yes, it does cost money. Dog adoptions are $125 flat-rate, and cat adoptions are $95 flat-rate. Adoptions will include c …

  • How do I know if a website is safe?

    A common question we get asked is “how can we know if a website is safe?” In this month’s 1-minute message we go over some common techniques to use to determine if a website is safe.

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    What Does Our 5-Star Rating Mean?

    We have recently been ranked 5 Stars for the seventh straight year by Bauer Financial. Beehive’s CEO, Shane Berger, explains why this distinction is important and why our members can feel confident in Beehive’s stability.

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    One-Minute Message

    January One-Minute Message We frequently get asked who can join Beehive Federal Credit Union. Shane Berger, Beehive’s CEO, explains how credit unions serve their members and define who is able to join. See the Video

  • Spring CD Special

  • Beehive's quarterly newsletter

    Q1 2019 Newsletter

  • Beehive Local Discounts Program

    From the beginning, Beehive has believed in our communities. Now, we have a new way to give back to our members and also to local businesses. Announcing, Beehive’s Local Discounts program. It is simple: go to or within Beehive …

  • One Angel and Twenty-one Miracles

    Beehive would like to provide an introduction to a book of courage and faith written by one of our longtime members, Eileen Wilcox: “One Angel and Twenty-one Miracles”. It is the story about her daughter Julene’s battle for life after a terrible reacti …

  • Be Vigilant: Beehive eAlerts Can Help

    Our world today often feels like it is at our fingertips. We can shop for groceries, apply for a credit card, buy a car, and check in on our friends without even leaving our homes! All of this accessibility can sometimes give us a false sense of securi …

  • Annual Summer Picnic

    Beehive Federal Credit Union’s Annual Summer Picnic will be on Thursday, June 27, 2019 at the Rexburg Porter Park from 4-7 p.m. As always, food is free for members, so make sure your children and grandchildren become Beehive members in time to enjoy th …