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    How We Can Offer Low Fees

    At Beehive, we can offer low fees, competitive rates, and provide higher deposits. Although we serve and make contributions in our schools and communities, we don’t spend large sums of money to name ball fields or event centers. Because every expense p …

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    Helping Your Kids Build Credit

    Skyler Thorton gives some tips and advice that parents can use to help their kids begin building and understanding credit from an early age. Set savings goals Help opening first checking account Help finding a part time job

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    Which Documents Need To Be Shredded?

    Our paper mail can contain credit card offers, insurance solicitations or other documents that may include sensitive personal information. Avoid the initial reaction to toss it in the trash, and find a way to securely shred these documents. Megan outli …

  • Experience Beehive Summer Contest

    For information on this promotion please visit the Experience Beehive page.

  • Rexburg Rapids Night

    When: Thursday, August 8, 2019 Location: Rexburg Rapids Time: 6:00-9:00 p.m. (Swim) Get your Rexburg Rapids tickets online from or from any branch from July 18 until tickets are gone. A $5 per person deposit is required but will be r …

  • Beehive’s Annual Picnic Fundraiser Update

    We would like to thank all members who attended Beehive’s picnic and raised thousands of dollars. All proceeds will be donated to provide medical care for local children receiving treatment at Primary Children’s Hospital. We are grateful to the Idaho B …

  • Beehive Direct vs Dealer Indirect Automobile Loans

    Shane Berger, President/CEO When you finance the purchase of an automobile, you have choices.  You may finance directly with Beehive or through the finance manager at a dealership.  Either option can result in a loan to get you behind the wheel of your …

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