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March 17, 2020Newsletter

Beehive CEO Shane Berger

Shane Berger, President/CEO

On May 13th of this year, Beehive Federal Credit Union will experience our 60th birthday. Not many financial institutions have enjoyed successful operations for that long. We will celebrate this special anniversary in Porter Park at the Beehive Pavilion with the biggest ever Beehive “Member Only” Annual Picnic on June 25th, headlined by a 90-minute performance from 1964 The Tribute. Watch for more details in the coming weeks on our website, in email correspondence, and in our branches.

April 15th will mark my 35th anniversary as CEO of Beehive Federal Credit Union. It has been a privilege and honor for me and each employee to serve Beehive members in the past many years. We love serving you and helping you with your financial needs. We appreciate your willingness to join together to create the strength of our member-owned financial cooperative. We continue to serve our traditional membership field which consists of members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and we encourage you to tell others about the unique nature of Beehive.

Some changes and notable highlights are as follows:

  • The number of Beehive members, assets, deposits, loans, reserves, and services used have all increased dramatically.
  • The level of reserves and financial strength of Beehive has grown each year. We have been considered a “5-Star” rated credit union for 8 years straight and 26 of the last 29 years.
  • Many new services have been offered, including Remote Deposit Capture (deposit checks via your phone) and Zelle (transfer money from your account to other people instantly), as well our Missionary and Pocket Change savings accounts where you can earn as much as 3 percent on your deposits.
  • The locations of physical branches have grown to 5 (includes our Contact Center branch) and a new branch will be opened in Meridian in late 2020.
  • Although many additional banks and credit unions from outside the area and outside Idaho have opened competing branches in eastern Idaho in recent years, Beehive has continued to thrive and grow.
  • New electronic means of banking have changed the way you interact with us. We continue to do all we can in economical ways to keep up with technology so you can access your money and our services in person, on the phone, and online. Technology allows us to provide a Beehive branch as close as the palm of your hand…and make it accessible at any time of the day or night.

In summary, for 60 years we have served a special group of people in our field of membership. We share a common bond and common values. These values include honesty, fairness, and integrity. We thank you for all you do to uphold those values and we pledge our continued efforts to do the same, and to provide financial value to you and your families.