What are eStatements?

Now, more than ever, it is important to safeguard your data. With eStatements, your account information is located securely within Beehive’s Online Banking system, available to view whenever you like. It is safer than paper statements which are mailed to your home. Also, this will help to reduce clutter in your mailbox. This electronic service is totally free.

Speak with any teller or call 208-656-1000 and they will walk you through the steps so you will no longer receive paper statements. Instead you will get all your account information online through Beehive’s secure eStatements. Alternatively you can request to switch to eStatements online.

Enroll to Receive eStatements Login to Online Banking

eStatement Benefits

  • Less mail
  • More secure access to current & past statements
  • Statements are online anytime


Read the Consent to Electronic Delivery