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Interesting M&M’s

September 27, 2017FHE Lessons

Hymn – # 241 Count your Blessings

Opening Prayer


Explain very simply how interest works. Give each member of the family a set amount of m&m’s. Explain to them that they can eat them at any time, but that if they wait until the end of FHE their M&M’s will gain interest. At the end of FHE double the amount of M&M’s that each person has left! Explain how being patient and investing pays off. (You do not have to use M&M’s, any treat would work)

(You can adjust the wait period, such as they must wait until next week for a larger return)

Spiritual Lesson

Teach the Parable of the Talents. Mathew 25: 14-30. You can read the passage, explain it or share a video!

LDS Bible Video

Cartoon for Children

Discuss how Heavenly Father has given us all unique talents and skills that we are to use and develop. Brainstorm ways in which each family member can use these skills to reach your financial dreams

Closing Prayer

“Interesting M&M’s” Lesson PDF