Important things to know about your new Mastercard

We’re happy to announce these new features coming with your Mastercard credit & debit cards

No Annual Fees

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Mastercard Transition

Beehive Credit Union is changing credit processors from Visa to Mastercard. This will affect you and we want to do anything possible to help ease the transition.

  • Please DO NOT DESTROY your Visa card until you receive your Mastercard and Mastercard PIN via mail
  • Visa cards will continue to work through January 31st, 2018
  • Your Visa PIN is NOT the same as your Mastercard PIN
  • Your Mastercard PIN was mailed October 5
  • To customize your PIN please call 1.866.297.3411; you will need the PIN that was mailed to you to make this change
  • Your new Mastercard may arrive before or after your PIN
  • For purchases, you can use your Mastercard before receiving the PIN by pressing the yellow button on the card machine and selecting CREDIT, allowing you to sign for the purchase (excluding ATM and cash-back transactions)
  • Primary and joint-owner cards do not have the same card number and may receive cards at different times
  • Each card will need to be activated and has its own PIN
  • Custom images will be available for future cards and will require the submission of a new image