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Service Award

Beehive Federal Credit Union offers service awards to high school seniors and college students who are members of the Credit Union. The awards are presented to eligible students who give outstanding service in the community. Consideration will be given to those who meet the following criteria, listed in order of importance:

  1. Service. Outstanding service to others is the most important factor in determining who receives the service award.
  2. Financial Need. Financial need is taken into account because we wish to give assistance to students who seek to further their education, but need help funding such a goal.
  3. Academics. Your scholastic performance will be considered, but does not weigh as heavily in the decision-making process as the other two factors.
  4. Disbursement.  Student must be enrolled during school year in which award proceeds are given.

The application must be returned between January 1 and the due date (April 9, 2021). You must be a member for at least six months prior to the scholarship due date. Award recipients are selected in early May.

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