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Service Awards

June 27, 2019Newsletter

Beehive Federal Credit Union is pleased to announce they have awarded a total of $9,000 in Service Awards (scholarships) to the following recipients for the 2019/2020 school year:

  • Conner Johnson, BYU-Idaho
  • Malorie Johnson, BYU-Idaho
  • Sarah Zohner, BYU-Idaho
  • Kaylee Kauer, BYU-Idaho
  • Kaitlyn Andersen, College of Eastern Idaho
  • Jodi Lusk, BYU-Idaho
  • Josh Stewart, BYU-Idaho
  • Hannah Garner, BYU-Idaho
  • Daniel Thompson, BYU-Idaho

Beehive also donated $1,000 to the BYU- Idaho General Scholarship Fund.
Recipients were determined by our Service Award Committee based upon the following criteria:

  • Service
  • Financial Need
  • Academics

Thanks to the applicants for their extraordinary service!