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Build credit now, save money.

By building your credit now you can save money on loans in the future.

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How Do You Get a Credit Card With No or Bad Credit?

Friends help friends build credit, that’s why Beehive has created a simple way for anyone to build their credit.Simply come in to a Beehive branch and we can tie a new REWARDS credit card to a secured savings account. Your credit line will be based upon the amount of money you choose to secure!

Professional tip for using the Beehive Credit Builder Card

Try not to carry a balance of over 1/3 of your credit card limit. This negatively impacts your credit score. Also, be sure to make payments on time. Set up auto pay or alarms to make sure you don’t miss a payment. If you follow these two simple tips* you’ll notice your credit improve!


  • Share secured credit card
  • Approval possible for low and no credit candidates
  • Great way to build credit
  • 1 point for every dollar spent

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