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Looking to purchase a home?

Beehive will give you unparalleled service and quick turn around to get you your loan when you need it.

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Buying a Home?

Buying a home can be a daunting process. Beehive Federal Credit Union is the #1 mortgage lender in Madison County. That means we are the experts on Home loans in East Idaho.

What Are Your Needs?

Everyone has a different story. Maybe you are a first time home buyer, a refinancer, upgrading to make room for the family. Whatever it is, let Beehive’s experts help you get the mortgage that is right for you.

Let’s move from pre –qualified to pre-approved today!

Begin your application by clicking Apply Now. Here are the documents we’ll need next:

  1. One Month Paystub
    • Year-to-date income
    • Paystub dates covering a full 30 days
  2. Two Year Federal Tax Returns
    • Include your W2s
  3. Three Month Bank Statements
    • All pages front and back
    • Include all accounts (checking, savings, etc.)

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Finally Home!® Homebuyer Education is one of the smartest moves you can make when purchasing a home, and it may be required for some of our loan products. Take the Finally Home! homebuyer course early in the home-buying process.