Life and Long Term Care Insurance

Protect the ones you love, and protect yourself

We never expect hardships to come in our life, but insurance can lighten the burden.

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With so many product on the market which one is right?

Life insurance and long-term care insurance has become such a complicated place, when it really never should have been. Here at Beehive we only get you the products you actually need, no bells and whistles that will cost you a small fortune overtime. Rather we work with you and listen to what your needs are. Once we have established an understanding of your needs we work with you to find the products that make the most sense for you.


Do I really need life or longterm care insurance?

The answer is – it depends:

You may be young and single with no large debts that could burden loved ones. It may not make sense for you to get life insurance or longterm care insurance as long as you have other types of insurances covering accidents.


You may have a large family and some substantial debts that could burden loved ones if you passed away and your income was lost. You may be reaching an age where the cost of long-term care could become a significant burden to your family. It may make sense for you to get life insurance and long term care insurance.


How can Beehive Investments & Insurance help me?

We navigate the market to get you what you need, because we listen to you. We want to help you protect against unseen debts that could cause significant financial burdens to you and your loved ones. At Beehive Investments &Insurance you will always get transparent honest advice to help you get the products you actually need.