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Serving LDS church members and their families

Beehive is authorized by the NCUA to serve LDS church members in members in Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Washington, Oregon, and Nevada. The employees of the credit union understand specific LDS culture needs in a financial institution, like building family finances and having a separate account for saving money for a mission. That is why our motto is Family. Friends. Values. It is a constant reminder to us of who we are and who we serve. The golden rule will always be our first rule.

Advocate for members

Beehive is constantly fighting for a better member experience. One important way we do this is by being active in litigation within local and national government to ensure the value of the credit union does not diminish. We also offer sound financial advice and education to our members through Dave Ramsey financial education classes and an online education resource. Whatever it may be, we always fight for the good of our members.

Stable and secure

Beehive has operated under conservative, low-risk policies established by your peers on the Board of Directors and an experienced Management Team. These policies, as well as careful pricing of deposits and loans, helped avoid the risks taken by other financial institutions, and has ranked us in the Top 200 strongest credit unions in the nation! Beehive will continue to follow the first principle of the credit union’s mission statement, which is to “protect and enhance the long-term strength and stability of Beehive.” Visit a branch to become a member today.

High returns to members and low loan rates

From a 3% Annual Percentage Yield Pocket Change account to a 2.60% Annual Percentage Rate Auto Loan with 100 days no payment and no interest, Beehive is dedicated to giving incredible value to its members. We are constantly looking for ways to give value to our members.


Beehive is the only financial institution that is headquartered in Rexburg, Idaho. That means we make local loans to local people, with local deposits. These loans help foster and build the local community. By depositing your money with Beehive you are helping the very community you live in to thrive and grow. We go further by donating some of the surplus money we make (after operating expenses) to local schools, hospitals, and other local organizations. An investment with Beehive is an investment in your local community.


  • Members first
  • Recently ranked in the Top 200 among credit unions for financial stability
  • One of the industry’s highest Annual Percentage Yield Accounts – Missionary Savings Account & Pocket Change
  • Some of the lowest fees and loan rates in East Idaho
  • #1 mortgage lender in Madison County
  • Field of Membership

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