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Summer Adventures Message

August 16, 2019One Minute Video Messages

While traveling abroad we have a few sensible steps you can take to ensure that you don’t find yourself without access to your money.

  1. Take multiple Credit Cards. Visas and Mastercards are the most widely accepted credit cards.
  2. Check if your credit cards charge foreign transaction fees.
  3. Surcharge free ATM access.
  4. Carry some cash just in case.
  5. Make sure that your card has the security chip capability as this is the most common standard throughout the world.

Video Correction
In regards to PIN capable cards you must know your PIN to be able to change it over the phone. Members can call 1-866-297-3411 to change an existing PIN number they know.

If a member does not know the PIN they can have a new PIN mailed to their address on file or can bring their card into a local branch and have a teller or MSR help them set a new PIN. These safety measures are to protect your assets and sensitive information.