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‘Tis the Season – for Fraud!

December 24, 2019Newsletter

We have recently enjoyed the Christmas season and is one where we focus on the joy of giving. Others, however, are focusing on the profit of taking – social security numbers, login information, card data, and more! There has been an increase in scams and fraud circulating around. Fraud scams can include (but are not limited to): pop-up messages on computers saying your computer is infected with a virus/malware, calls from Verizon or the IRS claiming you owe money, and even thieves posing as “fraud prevention agents” trying to get you to confirm sensitive information.

Threats can come from phone calls, texts, emails, or social media. These scams are engineered to create a sense of urgency for maximum response from potential victims.

We here at Beehive would like to assure you that we WILL NOT reach out to you asking you to verify login information, PIN numbers, full card numbers, or other personal information. Protect yourself! If a communication claiming to be from Beehive makes you uncomfortable, please reach out to us directly. Go to our website or call our main number at 208-656-1000. Thieves will try to get you to follow their link to contact “Beehive”.

If you feel you might have fallen victim to a scam, please contact Beehive FCU 24/7 to report it. The loss will ultimately be yours, but the sooner you alert us the sooner we can freeze your account and come up with a plan to try to minimize the damage. The nature of most scams/fraud leaves their victims, our members, liable for any loss (be it personal data, unauthorized transfers, account takeover, etc). Please be cautious!

Beehive and all our employees care about keeping you and your accounts secure. When in doubt, do not delay contacting us. We are here to help!