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Travel Smart

December 28, 2018Newsletter

Traveling can be inspiring, entertaining, and memorable. The travel industry is one of the largest in the world with over $716 billion spent on leisure travel in 2017 (www.ustravel.org). With all that money moving around, it is no wonder that travel and tourism attracts thieves like bees to honey! Be sure to bring several ways to pay when you are away and try to avoid keeping them all in the same place. However, despite your best efforts, there could be a time when you are traveling and are involuntarily relieved of your debit or credit card! The first thing you should do is immediately call your provider to alert them of the theft, so your card can be cancelled. But how can you find the number if your card is taken? Perhaps you are traveling in an area with little to no data, so looking up a phone number could be difficult as well. The solution is easy! Before you depart for on your trip, be sure to take a picture of the back of any card you may be using! That way you have the phone numbers when you need them the most. Travel should be enjoyable, so be sure to use these tips the next time you are on the move.