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Verification versus Scam

March 17, 2020Newsletter

People love convenience. One-click purchasing, easy storage of card and ticket information, location services, and more! To participate, however, you must walk through the gauntlet of “the setup”. Everywhere you turn you are using your email and/or phone number to sign-in, turn on, select, opt-in, and save your sensitive information. With so many services, aren’t you glad you have an email and phone number that you can use to keep everything straight? Yeah, scammers are glad, too! If you get a random email or text asking for you to verify contact information when you did not initiate the change, you can assume you are being scammed! Do not click any links or call the phone number given. These types of scams commonly hide behind a trusted company name to give assurance of legitimacy. If you are unsure, do not hesitate to contact the company directly. Here at Beehive, you can call us 24/7 to confirm the validity of a communication from us. A verification request should not come as a surprise—if it does, then it could be fraudulent. So be sure to carefully monitor your email and phone communications as a first line of defense against these scams.