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Who Can Join Beehive?

January 18, 2019One Minute Video Messages

We frequently get asked who can join Beehive Federal Credit Union. Shane Berger, Beehive’s CEO, explains how credit unions server their members and define who is able to join.

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  • Hello. This is Shane Berger, CEO of Beehive Federal Credit Union. This is the 2nd in our series of monthly videos to give you helpful financial information in one minute or less.
    At the end of the video, listen to find out how you can qualify to win a nice prize.
  • “I didn’t know I could join Beehive” is a comment that we frequently hear.
  • All credit unions are member-owned financial cooperatives with limited fields of membership. Every CU must serve a defined group and not everyone can join every credit union. Some have broad membership fields and almost anyone can join. Others, like Beehive are more traditional and serve a narrowly defined group.
  • So, who can join Beehive?
  • Beehive is authorized by the NCUA to serve members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints residing in Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Montana, and Wyoming and later, possibly other states. If you are a member of the church in those states, you can join. Your immediate family members can also join no matter where they live.
  • So now you know who can join Beehive.
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