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The “Beehive” Card and Commitment of Service

January 23, 2018Announcement

The “Beehive” Card and Commitment of Service

Shane Berger, President/CEO

Beehive has recently converted the logo on our credit cards and debit cards from VISA to Mastercard.  Why?  For several reasons including: lower costs, better interchange revenue, and VISA’s apathy about continuing to serve Beehive.

With any conversion, there are a few bugs or glitches that need to be worked out.  During our card conversion, a few of you experienced some confusion regarding your new Personal Identification Number (PIN).  For that we apologize.  The problems are behind us and your card and PIN will function just as your Beehive cards always have.  In fact, we now have a simple way for you to choose your own PIN and make the change without even coming into a branch.

A member came to my office and expressed that he didn’t like Beehive’s change to Mastercard.  I asked what, specifically, were his concerns.  Did the new card not work? “No”.  Have you tried to use the card where it wasn’t accepted?  “No”.  “I just don’t like Mastercard” was the answer.  His perception about Mastercard was negative without being able to pinpoint any reasons.  Perhaps he was upset because a bank had turned down his application for a Mastercard, creating a negative perception.  A VISA application to that same bank would have had similar results. 

Your perception of the card brand (VISA or Mastercard) is only as good as the financial institution who issues it.  Some of you who have had a frustrating experience dealing with a VISA issuer will have a negative perception of VISA.  Others may have had a Mastercard from a financial institution who made a mistake on your account, was difficult to contact, had poor customer service or was difficult with you when you lost your card.  Your perception of that card will be negative.

It’s not the VISA or Mastercard brand that matters.  It’s the Beehive brand that makes the difference.  Some institutions offer both VISA and Mastercard brands.  Some people choose one and some the other, probably based on their previous experience with that brand.

As a Beehive cardholder, regardless of the brand, you can know and always be confident that if you have a problem you can call a real person and get answers and solutions.  You can come into a branch and talk to someone who cares and will help you solve a problem.  You will always be valued as a Beehive member-owner and all issues will be solved to our mutual satisfaction.  No one can promise that you will never have a problem with your card, but we can promise that we will fix the problem and make it right to you. 

It’s not the card brand, but the Beehive commitment to service that makes the difference.  We invite you to activate and use your card for all your transactions today.