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What can one share do?

A share of the credit union is so much more than it sounds. Having a share means you become a part of a union that cares about the well being of local families, is dedicated to community friendships, and has strong moral values.

The members of Beehive Federal Credit Union all work together to create a better financial experience for each other. We all benefit together, one share at a time.

The benefits of one share.

The benefits of holding a share in The Credit Union is far too long to list, but they include: lower interest rates on loans, higher interest rates on savings, unique member centered accounts like the Missionary Savings Account with an incredibly high 3%* Annual Percentage Rate, access to member only events, being a part of massive donations to charities, voting on the board of directors and so much more.

For complete account information, refer to the Membership Agreement & Disclosure Statement. You will also receive a copy when you open an account.


  • The share that gives you access to the benefits of Beehive
  • Convenient shared branching / ATM access
    • over 5,000 shared branch locations worldwide
    • over 30,000 ATM locations worldwide
  • Quick and convenient mobile app
  • Mobile deposit
  • Telephone banking
  • Become a part owner of the credit union
  • Gain the right to vote for the board of directors
  • Dividends of 0.15% APY*

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