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Beehive is Teaching Money Management Skills in the Community and Schools

December 24, 2019Newsletter

Beehive is committed to being a financial advocate for our members and helping ensure our members understand financial literacy concepts. As such, we have sponsored:

Financial Peace University for adults: hundreds have attended with nearly 50 who have experienced dramatic life-changing events as they improved their personal financial situation.

Financial Peace University for teens: As a new class, we recently had between 10 and 20 teens attending 1.5 hours per weeks for a total of nine weeks. They seemed to be very engaged and are learning valuable skills.

Financial Presentations and/or Reality Fairs: We have provided financial literacy presentations and a simulated financial experience for hundreds of teens in the following areas: Sugar-Salem, Madison, Bonneville, Rigby High Schools, Lincoln Alternative School (Idaho Falls), Ammon Stake, and more. We also purchase and provide the Dave Ramsey curriculum for the schools and teachers, each year.

Social media post made by Beehive Member, Cindy L:

“I have to give a shout out for the Dave Ramsey course that Beehive Federal Credit Union is holding starting [February 5, 2020]. We went through the course several years back and it was incredible! It’s fun, informative, and easy to follow, not to mention a great way to get a grip on your finances. My thought back then was “How can we afford to take this class?” Reality was… we couldn’t afford not to! It’s a life changer. Good news is, once you take it, you can go back and review it again and again for free. They’re also offering the new Dave Ramsey course for teens as well! Thanks Beehive for offering this to our community! Call them and get signed up soon! 208-656-1000 #beehivefcu

Comments from High School Teachers:

“That is fantastic [that you renewed our access to the Dave Ramsey high school curriculum]! Thank you so much. I am teaching 6 classes of it throughout the year, last year we were teaching 4 classes.” 

 “Thanks [Beehive]!  That is awesome!!. . . I used every video in the class”

“I genuinely appreciate this as it gives students such amazing lessons.”

“Thank you . . . for your support in helping educate the students of Lincoln High School.  Without the generous donation, our students would not have access to the valuable curriculum from Dave Ramsey.”

“Again, thank you and Beehive so much for the generous donations and support.  Our students really benefit from the program.”

Comments from High School Students :

“The Dave Ramsey program has been very helpful for me.  Before . . .  I spent my money . . . fast.  Now I [put] . . . over 50% in savings.  Thank you so much for funding this program and helping me prepare for my future!! 😊

“This [financial simulation] was probably one of my favorite activities. I enjoyed being able to experience the stress . . . and learning how to budget and figure out what bills I need to pay.”

“This activity was actually very helpful to teach that you can’t always afford everything that you want.”

“I think that this activity was very interesting.  It helped me realize how hard it was/is to actually budget yourself.  Many people just buy things and then they just hope they have enough money.”

“This activity has taught me to save up for things I actually need.  It makes me think before I buy things.”