• 2020: Beehive’s 60th Anniversary Year

    Shane Berger, President/CEO In 2020 Beehive Federal Credit Union will celebrate our 60th anniversary.  Watch for forthcoming announcements about a special celebration at our summer picnic on June 25th.  Where do the decades go?  Wasn’t 2010 just yester …

  • 2nd Quarter 2019 Newsletter

    Q2 2019 Newsletter

    Included articles are Direct vs. Indirect Car Loans, Service Award recipients and upcoming events.

  • Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University

    Beehive Federal Credit Union is pleased to again offer Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace© University (FPU) to our members. Dave Ramsey’s class may be a life-chang-ing experience that will help you get out of debt. All Beehive members are welcome to partici …

  • Beehive Local Discounts Program

    Some of you may have heard Beehive has introduced our Local Discounts program. Many of our members and businesses have thanked us for offering this program. It is simple: visit or within Beehive’s mobile app, locate the …

  • One-Minute Messages banner with hexagon-shaped stopwatch

    Thank You to Our Members

    During the season of thanks we wanted to take a minute to express our gratitude to the members of our credit union. Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

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    Ways to Build Your Credit When Just Starting Out

    A credit card is a line of credit that allows you to borrow money each month with the promise that you will repay what you borrow. Credit cards are a great way to start building your credit because your behavior with the card is reported to the three m …

  • debit-cards

    What Affects my Credit Score?

    Credit scores are influenced by a number of different factors. There are five main categories that affect your score. Each factor has its own value that adds to the whole value of the credit score. Let’s take a look at the five factors that influence y …

  • The “Beehive” Card and Commitment of Service

    The “Beehive” Card and Commitment of Service Shane Berger, President/CEO Beehive has recently converted the logo on our credit cards and debit cards from VISA to Mastercard.  Why?  For several reasons including: lower costs, better interchange revenue, …

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    Staying Away From Credit Card Debt

    There are times when debt is necessary, however, there are times where debt is equally unnecessary. With so many different goals and possessions to be desired it can become hard to discern which debt is necessary and which is not. A credit card can be …

  • Utah Jazz Giveaway