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CEO’s Report: COVID-19, Mortgage Loans, and Meridian Branch

June 19, 2020Newsletter

Beehive CEO Shane Berger

Shane Berger, President/CEO


A note about COVID-19.  After a few weeks of closure, our branch lobbies are open and functioning normally again.  We have been fortunate to not have any cases of COVID-19 at Beehive among our employees and their immediate families.  We recognize that our members have a wide range of opinions about the seriousness of this pandemic.  We respect those who are concerned by continuing to insist on social distancing in our offices and sanitization of workstation and other common surfaces.  While we do not require our employees to wear masks or gloves, we hope that you will do so if you feel it necessary.  We will continue to watch Eastern Idaho trends and react responsibly to protect the health and safety of our staff and members.  We welcome you to communicate with us from your homes or offices by phone or technology to conduct your business.  If you prefer to come to the branches, we are open and welcome you here.  We wish you and your families heath, and safety during this precarious time.

Mortgage Loans

With mortgage interest rates as low as ever in history, our mortgage department employees are slammed with requests to refinance your home loans.  They have closed a record number of mortgages month after month and are doing their best to keep up with the demand from you.  Our mortgage loan department is staffed with extremely capable and experienced long-time employees.  Please be aware that to ensure that you won’t have to wait for long periods of time, we must now schedule appointments to visit with you and process your mortgage loan application.  In due time the demand will return to normal and walk-in traffic will again be welcome.  For now, please call 208-656-1000 to schedule an appointment. 

Meridian Branch

On June 1st we held a successful groundbreaking ceremony in Meridian for our new branch on Linder Road, less than one mile south of the Meridian Temple.  Construction time will be approximately six months and we are hoping to open the branch before the end of 2020.  Watch for updates and pictures on our website as we construct Beehive’s newest branch. 

Groundbreaking of Meridian Branch

Left to right:  Torry McAlvain, Jr., McAlvain Companies, Inc.; Robert Simison, Mayor of Meridian; Sean Evans, CEO, Meridian Chamber of Commerce; Shane Berger, CEO, Beehive Federal Credit Union; Jim Terry, Vice Chairman, Beehive FCU; Grant Johnson, Treasurer, Beehive FCU; Thaine Robinson, Chairman of the Board, Beehive FCU; Geoff Nielson, NBW Architects; Brent Bean, Board Member, Beehive FCU.

Artist rendering of Beehive Meridian Branch

Artist rendering of Meridian Branch.