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One-minute Video Messages

December 28, 2018Newsletter

Shane Berger, President/CEO

Perhaps you have already seen my first attempt at a one-minute video message which was posted just before Christmas. In 2019, we plan to communicate with you regularly by producing brief videos with practical financial tips and information. Future messages will address issues like: how to earn a higher yield on savings, how to get the best auto financing, or how to use a new product or service. They might also have some fun and unusual surprises. The videos will be available on social media, on our website, and perhaps linked to emails. Some of the videos may also have valuable offers to members. For example, the first message was a limited-time offer giving members a .25 percent bonus on new and renewed certificates of deposit. I hope you will watch the videos and if you have suggestions for topics you would like us to address, please contact me at sberger@beehive.org, or my assistant, Karen Rowe, by calling 208-656-1022 or emailing krowe@beehive.org.