Better Than Free Student Checking

Accessible, mobile, rewarding.

An account for college, an account for life.

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  • Nearly 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs
  • No monthly service fee
  • 5,000+ shared branches nationwide
  • Up to 1% cashback on debit cards
  • 3%* Pocket Change Account
  • Mobile Banking with mobile deposit
  • Apple Pay™ compatibility
  • Customizable Visa® debit card

Better Than Free Student Checking

Access near and far

A Better Than Free Student Checking Account is designed to be convenient and accessible. With nearly 30,000 surcharge-free ATM’s and 5,000+ shared branches, access to your money is just around the corner, and that corner, and that corner…

Better Than Free

If it is better than free, then it had better be FREE. There is no monthly service fee associated with your Better Than Free Student Checking Account. You will not pay a minimum balance fee. You won’t even pay a foreign transaction fee. The Better Than Free Student Checking Account is Free.

Pocket Change

One of the rewards associated with a Better Than Free Student Checking Account is the Pocket Change Account. Every time you use your debit card, we will round-up your purchase to the next dollar. That extra “change” will go into an account earning 3%* interest. It is surprising how quickly you will accumulate a date night!

Card Cash

Another reward associated with a Better Than Free Student Checking Account is Card Cash. Every time you run a debit transaction as credit, you will get closer to a cash back reward. Once you have spent over $700.01 in a month, you will get up to 1% cash back!

Mobile access

No need to wonder how much is in your account. With the Beehive mobile app, you can manage your accounts through the phone in your pocket. In addition, you can deposit checks, make payments with Apple Pay™, find an ATM or shared branch locations, and more!

Customizable debit card

Get a card that represents who you are. Just download the Beehive Federal Credit Union Picture My Card app.

For complete account information, refer to the Membership Agreement & Disclosure Statement (PDF). You will also receive a copy when you open an account.

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