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Building a home?

We have got construction loans down to a science at Beehive.
With an incredibly low 1%* origination fee, in house draws, and same day approval, your home can get the financing you need with local convenience.

Don’t wait, get started early!

Construction loans from Beehive are in high demand. We suggest calling as early as you can to ensure you get the financing you need. Plus if you get the construction loan completed before 9 months we will refund up to $500 dollars in fees!*


Enjoy a smooth construction process by gathering your paperwork before you dig.

Begin your application by clicking Apply Now. Here are the documents we’ll need next:

  1. Income & Assets
    • Year-to-date paystub
    • 2 years federal tax returns
    • 2 months bank statements
    • Settlement statement on land purchase
    • Insurance agent’s name and agency contact information
  2. Builder Contract
    • Contract listing completion date, total dollar amount, change request policy, etc.
  3. Cost Breakdown
    • Line by line explanation of costs
  4. Spec Sheet
    • Room by room specifications on material choices


  • 1% origination fee
  • All other fees are below industry average
  • In house draws, get your money faster
  • Up to two draws a month
  • One time close
  • Same day approval


Take a month off your loan repayment, while helping children in need.

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