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Trapped by high credit card rates?
Get 0% interest

Free yourself from the burden of high credit card interest rates. For a limited time those who switch their credit cards to a Beehive Credit Card can take advantage of a 0%* introductory rate.

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Average Credit Card Beehive Mastercard©
Balance $16,061 $16,061
Interest Rate 14% 5.99%
Time Saved with Beehive 56 Months
Money Saved with Beehive $7,541.21

*National average credit card balance and interest rate based off this statistic

Transfer Your Credit Card Debt and Save

Most American’s pay over $1,356 of credit card interest each year.* Break from the norm and experience financial freedom.

Transferring your balance from a high-interest credit card to a card with 0% Introductory* offer will help you save on interest. That is where other companies stop…

*OAC, Six months is equivalent to 6 billing cycles.

0% introductory rate

Introductory Rate for 6 Months

5.99% Ongoing Rate OAC

At Beehive, when our members succeed, we succeed as a credit union.

Go ahead and start imagining your financial freedom, because we do not doubt that as a team, we can eliminate your credit card debt.

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