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College Savings Tips

September 20, 2019One Minute Video Messages

As BYU-Idaho students return and Rexburg doubles in size again, we have a few helpful tips to get you off on the right foot. Tyler goes over 3 ideas to keep in mind that will set you on a path for a happy and successful semester.

Read the fine print

Look out for:

  • Fees
  • Minimum Balances
  • APY (Annual Percentage Yield)

Create a Budget

Splitting up your semester’s budget into monthly or weekly stipends can be helpful to ensure that you don’t wind up short at the end of the term.

Beehive members can use Bill Pay to setup a budget for their account.

Begin Building Credit

Your future will thank you for beginning to build credit now. This can be done by getting credit card with a small limit, and paying it off on time every month.

Good credit scores will help you with securing good rates on car loans, apartment applications, and someday buying your first home.